Multi-bank API aggregator

FinLync is transforming how corporate finance and treasury functions through its ERP native apps and its revolutionary prebuilt bank API connectivity. 

With FinLync’s suite of treasury apps for SAP, or by connecting to our multi-bank API aggregator, forward-thinking treasury teams can position global cash across all banks in one click; refresh bank data any time, as often as desired; reconcile transactions same day; gain total end-to-end payment traceability, instantly; and easily slice and dice data by currency, country, or other parameters. All of which allow treasury to focus on its core work, such as investing that big wire deposited late in the day, eliminating the use of bank portals, stop worrying about a payment failing after office hours, and more.

Treasury and finance teams are no longer bound by bank schedules, third-party connections, or waiting for paper documents to gather critical data to complete their work. With FinLync, treasury and finance teams can provide their companies with instantaneous, secure, and current data for immediate decision-making to improve liquidity and cash management.




Founded 2015



New York, NY