AI-powered work assistant

Glean is the AI-powered work assistant that connects and understands all your company’s knowledge, to bring you the answers you need. Using its state-of-the-art enterprise search and RAG technology to retrieve the most relevant, up-to-date information for LLMs to use, Glean generates highly personalized answers grounded in your company’s unique enterprise knowledge graph. All answers are secure, private, permissions-aware, and fully referenceable back to source documentation in your enterprise. Glean delivers turnkey implementation of a complex AI ecosystem, with over 100 connectors and no need for costly professional services, data training, or manual fine-tuning. Enterprises can also use Glean’s low-code and no-code centralized AI platform to scale the power of trusted generative AI backed by their company’s knowledge, anywhere it’s needed.



Founded 2019



Palo Alto, CA